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The Woodlands Texas

2014 Championship High Rank Results

Posted by Corporate on 7/29/2014

High Rank Testing Results (Spring)

Posted by Corporate on 4/7/2014

Welcome to our Academy

Martial Arts works as a Bullying Prevention Measure

Kids many times act out against other children and their main targets are the others who are thought of as a bit passive and vulnerable. It's important for parents to understand they won't be by their children's side on a constant basis. Self Defense and Martial Arts training are a fantastic method for moms and dads to better prepare their children to manage confrontation and work towards bullying prevention. Below are a few outstanding advantages more ...

Adult Martial Arts in The Woodlands, Texas

I've been teaching and training in Adult Martial Arts in The Woodlands, Texas, TX for the last 9 years. One thing I've learned, is that the only thing constant is change.  In the beginning only men wanted to train. Oh and kids too, thanks to ninja turtles.  Back then women were welcome to train but few actually did. Today however, the mat we use for Adult martial arts in The Woodlands, more ...

Tiger Rock National Championships

Two weeks until the Tiger Rock National Championships

more ...

Martial Arts Can Help Children With Bullying

Helping Children Handle Bullies is a major focus of our program.  The development of his or her self-esteem is extremely important to the happiness and success of children and teenagers.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of parents and families, just like you (some who’ve had SUBSTANTIAL challenges) build their child’s self-esteem and sense of accomplishment while also helping them to deal with bullies in their lives.

At The Woodlands more ...

Break MS Board Break-a-thon

In the blink of an MRI, Angie Matthias' life changed. A 28 year old freelance writer in CA, she had been putting her aches and discomforts down to doing too much yoga and dancing. But after a series of tests and the results of one MRI, Angie Matthias was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, more commonly known as MS.

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Why Adult Martial Arts

Adult martial arts offers many different benefits such as; physical fitness, mental acuity, confidence, and self-defense, all inside creative and inspiring lessons.  Follow the link for more information about Why Adult Martial Arts

more ...

The Woodlands New Website

Welcome to the new The Woodlands Website!  We recently launched a new site to give our members more ways to see what we are up to.  View our website to read more about all of the programs we offer at our Martial Arts Academy!

more ...


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It is such a privilege to have our son participate in the taekwondo activities and events that occur at the Woodlands Taekwondo Academy. The staff and instructors have taught the students to have courage, perseverance, honor, integrity, and most of all pride within themselves. As parents, we can truly say, Mr. Hoffman and his staff have made a tremendous impact on our son's life. As he continues to climb the ranks of taekwondo, he already aspires to become an instructor himself. Thanks Mr. Hoffman and staff for the valuable life lessons, energy, and time you have given to the children of our future. Lance, his dad, and I really appreciate all of your efforts.
Mrs. LaMarcus Hicks
The Woodlands, Texas
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